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Fund Accounting Service

It is a service that calculates the base price of the fund through the accounting of the fund operated by the asset management company and the evaluation of the assets held, notifies the relevant institutions such as banks, securities firms, and the Korea Financial Investment Association,and helps the sellers to sign up for funds or redemption transaction with customers at the counter.


Total System Servicefor Asset Management

We provide various and differentiated systems and services for the effective operation of indirect investment assets.

It is a trust accounting system that calculates NAV and base price of indirect investment assets (funds) for the day.
It reduces the possibility of error in base price through user convenience and error detection and verification function and provides various interface functions and professional reports and information.

It is a comprehensive trading system (for Multi asset) that supports “customer efficient asset management” and “compliance with asset management regulations and error prevention in order settlement process”.

This is a system to check and resolve pre, intraday, and post-regulation violations based on transaction details such as laws, terms & conditions and investment guidelines, etc.

It is a middle system to calculate various analysis data through the integrated management of assets entrusted by institutional investors such as pension funds, cooperatives, mutual aid associations, and insurance companies, etc. and to maximize work efficiency of institutional investor customers.

It is a middle system that supports efficient asset management of manager company by calculating purpose data required for asset management performance analysis and risk management analysis.

It is an accurate and prompt statutory report creation and verification system that aggregates all accounting data based on laws and regulations.

GIPS certification support system
It is a system that provides rate of returns and report data in accordance with Global Investment Performance Standard (GIPS).
※ GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standard)?
It is a global industry standardaimed at full disclosure and fair expression of investment performance.


Alternative Investment Services

ShinhanAitas provides services including operation, calculation, notification, and public announcement work from establishment to liquidation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Private Equity Fund (PEF), calculation, notification.

※ What is Private Equity Fund (PEF)?
It is a fund that usually invests in a company that is not listed on the stock market, recovers its investment value through IPO or maximizes profits by selling it after increasing its corporate value through restructuring, and allocates its profits to investors.

※ What is REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust)?
It is a “real estate investment trust” system in which real estate companies or financial institutions entrust funds raised by issuing stocks to small investors to professional real estate management companies.


Institutional customer service (insurance company IFRS)

It is a middle system for maximizing work efficiency of institutional investors by calculating various analytical data through “data integration management” for each consigning company.


System Development Data Interface

It provides stable and accurate user-customized system and screen planning, design, development, and trust accounting information in accordance with mutually defined layout.


Direct sales system OPS

It is a sales system service that enables asset management companies to sell their funds directly without going through the sales company.


New market development (AI-GET)

In addition, we provide differentiated and customized additional systems in the ASP method, IB field office management, ETF product development and services, and TSS (Total Shared Service) dealing with comprehensive fund management from establishment of the customer company. We also provide or are planning for global business service in Vietnam, Indonesia and India, etc.

ASP : It provides differentiated customized additional service in ASP method (ASP: Application Service Provider)
IB Follow-Up Management : Development of 6 new markets in IB / Back office outsourcing
※ 6 new markets in IB
ABS SPC/ Equity Investment & LP Investment / Real Estate PF / SOC Project SPC / M&A Acquisition Finance LP Equity Investment / Comprehensive Financial Company CP Market
GLOBAL : Asia’s No.1 Office Trustee Company who has entered in Vietnam, Indonesia and India
ETF : ETF product development and service provision to diversify revenue sources
TSS : Total service from the establishment of the customer company to comprehensive fund management (TSS: Total Shared Service)